Music for Film

Ben Richter is an experienced film composer available for a wide variety of projects.

Please listen to a demo reel of Ben's film music. (9 minutes - new clips at roughly 2', 4', 6', 7', 8')


Past Film Scores include:

Untitled Chapters (2009 - feature film) Dir. Igor Yankilevich

The Execution of Czolgosz (2008 - short Edison film for NYME)

The Abyss Gazes Also (2007 - short film) Dir. Ace Salisbury

The Beardo Center (2006 - digital short) Dir. Ace Salisbury

The Dresden Dolls: Paradise (2005 - live music and documentary) Dir. Michael Pope

Learning from James (2005 - feature documentary) Dir. Kendra Rubinfeld

The Meadow (2004 - short film) Dir. B. Richter

Theatrical Music:

The Surrealist Training Circus

Waste Ascension (2008)

A Tale of Boredom (2007)

The Marriage of Sharp and Round (2006)

The Machine (2006)

The Black Tongue of Temptation (2005)

The Apocalympics (2004)

Commissions from:

Somna M. Bulist

Siobhan Solberg

The American Symphony Orchestra

The Da Capo Chamber Players

The New York Miniaturist Ensemble

The Colorado Quartet

The Portland Saw Orchestra

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