"*immersive*" (Steve Smith) "brilliant" (Tcakz) "hypnotic and absorbing" (Strickland) 
"novel and compelling
"haunting soundscapes" "almost subliminal" "alien-sounding"
"slowly undulating, overlapping walls of sound(Avant Music News)
"bouncing like fireflies" "like the crackling of a fire" (Gottschalk) "strangely rusty" (Mattietti)
"attractive and intense" (Podracky/Bendova) "waxing and waning" "dense and weighty" 
"like something incomprehensibly massive is passing by, slowly"
"likely to offer a profound impact on the very nature of listening"

Panthalassa: Dream Music of the Once and Future Ocean (2017)

"Likely to offer a profound impact on the very nature of listening." 
"Listeners familiar with John Luther Adams's
Become Ocean are likely to recognize quickly the extent to which Panthalassa is a kindred spirit. Nevertheless, it is very much its own composition. If anything, it is somewhat more impressive through Richter's ability to establish a 'rhetoric of flow' with only a single instrument ... subtle refinements in sonorous qualities were clearly evident throughout the performance experience."

Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio (USA), July 2017

"Haunting soundscapes ... slowly undulating, overlapping walls of sound."
"Almost subliminal threads of sharp, high-frequency textures, building in amplitude into an alien-sounding amalgam."

"Novel and compelling ... an absorbing album ... not your grandparents' accordion music."

Avant Music News (USA), May 2017

Herxheimer Doinas (2016)

"Packed with layers of meaning … an emotional monologue of a singular instrument, like the story of a man who has lost his memory."

— VK (Russia), August 2016

Rivulose (2015)

"Richter's Rivulose ... set a motif and moved it gracefully across the piano and flutes, before dropping an unexpected (and fairly remarkable) piano sonata smack dab in the middle of the slow undulations. The piece concluded with bows bouncing on strings like fireflies."

Kurt Gottschalk, Classicalite (USA), 31 January 2016

Water's Edge (2015)

"hypnotic and absorbing"

Michael Strickland, San Francisco Civic Center (USA), 5 March 2015

A fun interview with Wild Rumpus singer Vanessa Langer for the Wild Rumpus's premiere performance of their commissioned work Water's Edge, February 2015

Star Maker (2014)

"Richter's Star Maker ... uses sound to seek an altered consciousness, from a meditative awareness to a look, perhaps, into a different dimension … waxing and waning in density and volume ... the music sounds like something incomprehensibly massive is passing by, slowly."

George Grella, The New York Classical Review (USA), 18 May 2014

Farther Reaches (2013)

"Brilliant composition ... the feeling of light detachment and transcendence in me persisted throughout the listening."

Piotr Tkacz, A2 Magazine (Czech Republic), 25 September 2013

"Overall, Ben Richter succeeded in presenting the most impressively effective use of the orchestral sound spectrum ... the Ostravska Banda's world premiere of his composition, Farther Reaches, was altogether the most attractive and most intense experience."

 Jan Podracky and Aneta Bendova, OperaPlus (Czech Republic), 1 September 2013

"Ben Richter's Farther Reaches was perhaps the most "listenable" ... sounding something like the crackling of a fire until gong rolls and muted piano strings broke the stasis."

 Kurt Gottschalk, NewMusicBox (USA), 14 October 2013

Was draußen ist (2011)

"Ben Richter's piece Was draußen ist opened new expressive possibilities ... exploring the full tonal range of the instruments, from the lowest hum to the highest twirping sounds, nearly slipping into noise."

Volksfreund (Germany), 28 August 2011