"likely to offer a profound impact on the very nature of listening."

— Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Studio

"cloudy, mysterious, and dark ... Beckettian in its slow spread"

Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

"a multifaceted texture that evokes the primeval"

Meg Wilhoite, Meg's New Music Blog

"a look, perhaps, into a different dimension … the music sounds like something incomprehensibly massive is passing by, slowly."

— George Grella, The New York Classical Review

SURROUNDSCAPES: The Future of Music

listen here for Ben's podcast interview with Graeme Harrison

Ghost Ensemble's Mountain Air is here! Listen and pre-order — music by Pauline Oliveros, Marguerite Brown, Teodora Stepančić


recordings with Phill Niblock, Ulrich Krieger

solo works and more!


Nov. 12: Cold Spring, NY

"Beyond the Human: A Sunset Concert"

with David Rothenberg

Cold Spring Train Station

4pm sharp meet for walk to outdoor location

Nov. 15: Athens, GA

Cloud Recordings Festival

with Lea Lea, John Kiran Fernandes, Vernon Thornsberry, and Gabrielle Daniels

Flicker Theater

Nov. 28: Asheville, NC

with Laura Steenberge and KCM Walker


Dec. 18: Paso Robles, CA

Cypher Winery

Ben Richter is an accordionist, composer, and founding director of Ghost Ensemble.