Time Folds 
    (contrabass clarinet, accordion, flugelhorn, percussion)    
    Premiered April 2019 by Vinny Golia, Ben Richter, Sarah Belle Reid, Tim Feeney.

Reluctant Gravities 
    (bass flute, percussion, prepared piano)    
    Premiered April 2019 by Vinny Golia, Tim Feeney, Jesse Reyes.

Green Sun 
    (accordion, trumpet/electronics)    
    Premiered April 2019 by Ben Richter and Sarah Belle Reid.

Presage V 
    Premiered April 2019 by Ben Richter.

    (saxophones, electric guitar, percussion, piano/accordion)    
    Premiered February 2019 by Hypercube.

Loon's Wist 
    (accordion, tuba, viola, contrabass)    
    Premiered October 2018 by Ben Richter, Luke Storm, Andrew McIntosh, Laura Steenberge.

practicing eternity 
    (variable instrumentation)    
    Premiered January 2018 by Ghost Ensemble, New York, NY.

Aurorison (2017)
    (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices; two zinks, two Renaissance trombones, bass Renaissance trombone, organ)
    Premiered November 2017 by Canticum Ostrava & Capella Ornamentata, Hudebni Soucasnost, Ostrava, Czechia.

Orrorin Keen 
    (flute, bass flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, bass trombone)    
    Premiered August 2017 by Ostravska Banda at Ostrava Days 2017, Ostrava, Czechia.

Wind People (2016)
(flute, oboe, accordion, harp, percussion, viola, cello, two basses)    
    Premiered December 2016 by Ghost Ensemble, Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY.

Panthalassa: Dream Music of the Once and Future Ocean (2016)    (accordion)
    Premiered June 2017 by Ben Richter, New York, NY.

Herxheimer Doinas (2016)    (accordion)
    Premiered May 2016 by Ben Richter, Berlin, Germany.

Clepsydra Ciphers (2016)    (piano)
    Premiered February 2016 by Ben Richter, Berlin, Germany.

Torneträsk (2016)    (accordion)
    Premiered February 2016 by Ben Richter, Berlin, Germany.

    (guitar, accordion, electronics)    
    Premiered November 2015 by Ben Richter, Leonie Roessler, and Sohrab Motabar, Mainzer7, Berlin, Germany.

Rivulose (2015) 
    (piano concerto: winds, brass, 3 perc., harp, accordion, contrabass solo, strings)   
    Premiered August 2015 by Keiko Shichijo and Janaček Philharmonic Orchestra at Ostrava Days 2015, Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, Czechia.

Water's Edge
    (flute, bass clarinet, electric guitar, piano, percussion, violin, cello, bass)    
    Premiered February 2015 by Wild Rumpus, Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA.

Samudra (2014)
    (bass flute, English horn, accordion, percussion, viola, cello, bass)    
    Premiered December 2014 by Ghost Ensemble, 
Barn & Bail, New York, NY.

Star Maker (2014)
(alto flute, oboe, 4 percussionists, viola, cello, bass)    
    Premiered May 2014 by Ghost Ensemble, Secret Theatre, Queens, NY.

The Mooncalf Ciphers (2014)    (trombone)    
    Premiered February 2014 by William Lang, DiMenna Center, New York, NY.

(bass clarinet, trumpet, 2 trombones, 2 percussionists, violin, cello)    
    Premiered February 2014 by SEM Ensemble, Willow Place Auditorium, Brooklyn, NY.

Destroying Angel (2013)
(bass flute, English horn, harp, accordion, 3 percussionists, viola, bass)    
    Premiered November 2013 by Ghost Ensemble, Brooklyn Conservatory, Brooklyn, NY.

Farther Reaches (2013) 
    (winds, brass, 4 perc., cimbalom, piano, harp, accordion, strings)   
    Premiered August 2013 by Ostravska Banda at Ostrava Days 2013, Ostrava, Czechia.

Healing Ghost (2012)
(piccolo/flute/alto flute, oboe, harp, percussion, viola, bass)    
    Premiered March 2013 by Ghost Ensemble, Willow Place Auditorium, Brooklyn, NY.

fear not becoming invisible (2012)
(flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe, mandolin, guitar, piano, harp, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass)   
    Premiered June 2012 by Nieuw Ensemble with Gijs Kremers, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In The Dark You Can See Everything (2012)    (violin or viola with tape)
    Premiered May 2013 by Cornelia Zambila at Inner Eye, The Hague, Netherlands.

Inner Reaches (2012)
(3 accordions tuned 33 and 66 cents apart, two tam-tams, two snare drums, piano)    
    Premiered June 2012 by unique ensemble, KonCon, The Hague, Netherlands

The Thing from Naught (2012)
(string quartet)    
    Premiered November 2013 by unique ensemble, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY.

Ich Bin (2011)    Text by Rainer Maria Rilke, 1921.
    (soprano, mezzo-soprano, counter-tenor, and tenor voices; traverso, 2 baroque violins, bass viola da gamba)
    Premiered November 2011 by unique ensemble, Nutshuis, The Hague, Netherlands.

Was draußen ist (2011)        (two accordions)   
    Premiered in August 2011 by TOEAC accordion duo in Canada, Netherlands, and Germany.
    Presented as part of Forgotten Horizon dance performance with choreographer Regina van Berkel.

Strassburg Hymn (2011)    Text from Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 19th century.
    (2 soprano and 2 baritone voices; flute, clarinet, oboe, piano, accordion, string quintet)
    Premiered April 2011 by Ensemble Royaal with Jurjen Hempel, KonCon, The Hague, Netherlands.

In That Moment We Became The Firmament (2011)    (piano)
    Premiered April 2012 by Maya Verlaak, KonCon, The Hague, Netherlands.

Tresnuraghes (2011)    (alphorn, mezzo-soprano voice, flute, clarinet, brass quintet, string trio, piano, percussion)
    Premiered April 2011 by It Nije Ensemble with Hoite Pruiksma, RK Kerk, Workum, Netherlands.

The Elementals (2010)    (harp)
    Premiered June 2010 by Somna M. Bulist at the Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY.
    Published by 
Xarpe Artist Editions.

Song of Lost Jerusalem (2010)    (soprano voice, flute, banjo, accordion, viola, cello)
    Premiered June 2010 by unique ensemble, Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY.

Karlsruhe, langsam. (2009)    (organ or accordion)
    Premiered October 2009 by Ben Richter, Portland, ME.

Göbekli Hymn (2009)        (violin)
    Premiered June 2010 by Emily Kalish at the Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY.

There is a Void Outside of Existence Which If Entered Into Englobes Itself and Becomes a Womb (2009)
    (clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano)
    Premiered June 2010 by unique ensemble, Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY.

The Four Zoas (2008)    (winds, brass, 4 perc., piano, strings)   
    Premiered May 2008 by the American Symphony Orchestra with Leon Botstein, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

Antarctic Trilogy (2008)        (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano)   
    Premiered May 2008 by the Da Capo Chamber Players, Bard College, NY.

The Luminiferous Aether (2007)    (winds, horn, accordion, timpani, singing bowl, 2 violas, cello, bass)
    Premiered April 2008 by unique ensemble conducted by Ian Garvie, Bard College, NY.

The Morning Star (2007)
    (flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe/English horn, two violins, viola, cello, piano)
    Partial and full premieres May and December 2007 by the Da Capo Chamber Players, Colorado Quartet, and KC     Brazeau, conducted by Joan Tower and George Tsontakis, Bard College, NY.

The Flight of Hope (2007)    (viola, piano)
    Premiered April 2008 by Siobhan Solberg with Ming Aldrich-Gan, Bard College, NY.

Exoplanets (2007)        (flute, violin, piano)
    Premiered March 2008 by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble at Trinity Lutheran Church, New York, NY.

Udan Adan (2007)        (piano)
    Premiered October 2007 by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble at ICE House, Brooklyn, NY.

Eight Readings of the Sacred Word (2006)    (SATB)
    Premiered April 2008 by unique ensemble conducted by Daniel Whitener, Bard College, NY.

The Land of Dreams (2006)    (SATB)    Text by William Blake, c. 1804.
    Premiered April 2008 at William Blake 250th anniversary celebration, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.